Bulk Food

Nest Milo 1.​9kg
$39.50 each $2.08 each
Nori Sheets Caterer
$4.40 each
Oakdale Beef Thin Sausages 2kg X 5
$124.79 each
Olossons Cooking Salt 10kg
$10.48 each
Olssons Table Salt 10kg
$11.69 each
Pac/​West Crumb Prawn Cut 1kg X 6 Ctn
$173.66 each
Pac/​West Crumbed Calamari Ctn 1kg X 6
$92.95 each
Pampas Shortcrust 2 X 5kg Ctn
$93.79 each
Panache Mixed Vegetables 1.​5kg
$13.79 each $9.19 per kg
Panko Prawn 1kg X 6 Pacific West Ctn
$212.85 each
Paper Bag Lunch With Handle Ctn
$119.75 each
Pauls Culinary Cream 1kg
$11.24 each
Potato Bun Carton 48 Units
$94.89 each
Priestley Lemon Slice 90gmx 18 Ctn
$76.95 each
Primo Beef Sliced 1kg
$38.01 each
Primo Sliced Virginian Ham 1kg
$19.97 each
Puff Pastry 5kg X 2
$71.80 each
Rasberry Jamz Biscuits Ctn
$31.95 each
Real Dairy Parmesan Shredded 1kg
$26.23 each
Rectangle 750ml Container Carton
$126.25 each
Rectangle Lids Ctn 500
$78.18 each
Red Velvet X 18 Slice Ctn Priestleys
$80.32 each
Riviana Basmati L/​Gain Rice 10kg Bag
$31.59 each
Riviana Diced Peach 120gm X 48
$71.79 each
Riviana Fruit Chutney 2.​3kg
$23.85 each
Riviana Fruit Salad Cup Ctn 120gmx 48
$66.10 each
Riviana Gherkins 2.​2kg
$18.73 each
Riviana Gherkins Sliced 2.​2kg
$19.76 each
Riviana Red Kidney A10
$15.61 each
Rocky Road X 15 Slice Priestleys Ctn
$60.99 each
Roux 6kg Knorr
$109.95 each
Salad Pack Small Carton Castaway
$34.81 each
San Remo Macaroni #​38 5kg
$38.22 each
San Remo Penne #​18 5kg
$38.22 each
San Remo Spaghetti #​5 5kg
$17.26 each
Sand Whole Mixed Olives 10kg
$93.96 each
Sandhurst 2kg Pesto
$40.71 each
Sandhurst 5kg Sundried Tomato
$74.09 each
Sandhurst Sandwich Sliced Pickles 2kg
$15.37 each
Sandwich Sleeve 100 Large
$19.99 each
Sara Lee Banana Cakes Frzn 1.​8kg
$47.10 each $2.62 per 100g
Sara Lee Carrot Cake Frzn 2.​25kg
$54.99 each $2.75 per 100g
Sara Lee Carrot Cake Frzn 2.​25kg
$54.99 each $2.75 per 100g
Sara Lee Choc Cake Tray Frzn 1.​8kg
$42.81 each
Sara Lee Choc Mud Cake Frzn 1.​7kg
$51.99 each $2.60 per 100g
Sara Lee White Choc Cake Caterers 2kg
$51.51 each
Satay Chicken Kebab Steggles Ctn
$104.95 each
Saxa Cooking Sea Salt 10kg
$18.87 each
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