Bulk Food

Schnits Swt Chilli Chick Strips Ctn
$53.56 each $38.26 each
Sliced Roast Beef 7 Star 3.​5kg
$121.81 each
Snapper Fillet Frozen Ctn 5kg
$124.09 each
Sour Cream 2l Bulla
$25.34 each
Spc 5 Bean Mix 3kg 3kg
$21.36 each
SPC Fruit Salad in Juice 3kg
$64.95 each
Spc Sliced Peaches In Juice 3kg 3kg
$20.84 each
Spc Sliced Pears In Juice 3kg
$20.84 each
Speedibake 12inch Thin Pizza Base X 20
$70.93 each
Speedibake White Baked Dinner Rolls Ctn
$78.60 each
Standard Muffin Mix Edlyn 10kg
$69.79 each
Steggles Sweet Chilli 1kg Cater
$21.79 each
T/​A Clam Container Large
$86.49 each
T/​A Clam Container Sml
$76.31 each
Tray Choc Bavarian Cheesecake 1.​35kg
$36.99 each
Tray Peach Mango Cheesecake 1.​35kg
$36.99 each
Trumps Garlic Powder 1kg
$18.14 each
Vanilla 14pce Slice Ctn Priestleys
$96.53 each
Veg Oil Blended 15l
$61.27 each $3.06 each
Veg Oil Blended 20l
$90.20 each $4.51 each
Vegan Fruit/​Grain Slice Ctn 30pce Priest
$82.86 each
Wattie's® Green Beans Whole 2kg X 6 2kg
$17.53 each
Wattie's® Peas 2kg
$12.85 each
Wattie's® Stir-Fry Mix Asian Style 2kg X 6 2kg
$19.36 each
Wattie's® Stir-Fry Mix Traditional 2kg X 6 2kg
$21.22 each
Weetbix Kater 1.​125
$8.55 each
Zoosh French Dressing 2.​6kg
$23.44 each
Zoosh Italian Dressing 2.​6kg
$23.44 each
Zoosh Premium Coleslaw 2.​4kg
$29.74 each $1.49 each
Zoosh Premium Mayo 2.​65kg
$21.95 each $1.10 each
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