Bulk Food

Don Middle Bacon 2.​5kg
$44.50 each
Masterfoods Mayonnaise Homestyle 2.​6kg 2.​6kg
$17.67 each
A10 Beetroot Sliced Eateo 2.​98kg
$12.66 each
Allied Plain Flour 12.​5kg Bag
$25.92 each
Fountain BBQ Sauce 4l
$18.03 each $0.90 each
Ingham Whole Chicken Freezer No14
$10.39 each $7.42 each
$23.85 each
Allied Self Raising Flour 12.​5kg Bag
$27.76 each
Arnots Family Biscuits Asst 3kg
$42.09 each
Bun/​Berg Raw Sugar 15kg
$49.01 each
Bushells Tea Cup Bags 1000
$59.41 each
Castle Sliced Pepperoni 1kg
$33.03 each
Chicken Wings Frzn Whole Tray 2kg
$11.32 each $8.09 each
Cv Crushed Chilli 1kg
$5.75 each
Cv Crushed Ginger 1kg
$6.16 each
Doro Jasmine Rice 10kg Bag
$39.95 each
Doro Long Grain Rice 10kg Bag
$31.59 each
Edgell Season Wedges 2kg
$12.71 each
Foster Vanilla Custard Uht 1l
$5.50 each
Fs Bega Tasty Flavoured Chees 90 Slices
$29.99 each
Gold Seal Crushed Garlic 1kg
$6.29 each
Hans Rindless Middle Bacon 2.​5kg
$56.99 each $2.85 per 100g
Heinz Beanz® Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 2.​95kg 2.​95kg
$17.99 each
Holy Cow Shredded Cheese 2kg
$35.46 each
Ingham's Frozen Mixed Chicken Pieces 1kg 1kg
$8.99 each $8.99 per kg
Knorr Thai Yellow Past 850gm
$7.99 each
Kr C/​Maine Ctn Middle Bacon 2.​5kg X 2
$105.73 each
Lemnos Feta 2kg
$56.73 each
Mae Ploy Green Curry Paste 1kg
$17.84 each
Maggi Gravy 2 Kg
$41.25 each
Maggi Intant Mash Potato 4kg
$80.00 each
Masterfood Tomato Relish 2.​7lkg
$31.99 each
Pampas Puff Pastry 10kg
$80.21 each
San Remo Pasta #​12 Fettuccine 5kg 5kg
$16.15 each
San Remo Spiral Med #​17 5kg
$16.11 each
Sumich Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4l
$55.95 each
Teacup Lipton 1000's Yellow Label Ctn
$55.41 each
100pk Wooden Dessert Spoon
$6.99 each
100pk Wooden Forks
$10.56 each
120z Coffee Cup Sleeve
$7.18 each
1kg Prawn Twisters Markwell Ctn
$38.95 each
2.​98kg Eateo Beetroot Sliced
$12.66 each
200 Pk Forkspoonknife Comvbo
$49.95 each
20l Blended Veg Oil For Fry
$90.20 each $4.51 each
20l Canola Oil Health Farm
$112.51 each
A10 Riv Champignon Piece/​Stem
$17.86 each $0.89 each
$133.25 each
Apple Danish Tray Sara Lee 1.​7kg
$47.19 each
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